Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Little Chillie Shimla - A memorable stay

We went on a family trip to Shimla in November 2015. My brother and his wife, my parents and my in-laws all came along with us on this trip along with my wife and 1.5 yrs old toddler. This trip was planned a couple of months beforehand so we had to do a lot of research to come up with an idle place to stay and Little Chillie proved to be that place in all ways.

We needed space and at the same time we needed to spend quality family time together. We needed our individual rooms and yet we needed common areas where we could all gather and enjoy together. At the same time, we were also looking for an option to be able to cook small meals for our baby - so basically we needed a home away from home and we were delighted when we discovered this little gem.

Without further suspense, let me tell you, Little chilly is a homestay managed by a retired army colonel and his wife. But it's no less than a hotel when it comes to the amenities, and at the same time it adds the warmth of a home stay. The place is very tastefully done by the owner's own hands. It's a three storey house. The lowest floor is where the owner's family live. The next two floors have two bedrooms each. 
The middle floor has a nicely done terrace with a personal bar in the center. We enjoyed quiet relaxing time on this terrace. There was plenty of warm sunshine in the morning and a great view towards vast stretches of green mountains surrounding it.

A view from the terrace

Mom enjoying the warm sun on the terrace

The top floor has balconies attached each of the bedrooms facing the terrace below.
The dining area is a speciality, carved out in the form of army bucker and decorated with printings done by the landlady herself.
the tastefully done dining area

Paintings done by the landlady

There is wisely carved out sit out space near the stairs on both the floors. Even a mini library was tugged neatly at the sit out on the top floor.

Each wall, each corner was tastefully decorated.
There is a sports and recreation room near the main entrance to the property.

Overall, we had all the space to ourselves, so, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The hosts were very warm hearted & friendly. When we requested to prepare a meal for our kid in their kitchen, they happily welcomed us and even expressed their desire to know the recipe and taste it!
We have been to many places so far and experienced different hotels and resort - but this was one memorable stay experience of its own ... a once in a lifetime one. Do plan a stay here when you get a chance to get the feel of what I am trying to mould into words.

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